Friday, March 19, 2010

Ready to Retire

I took the last two Fridays off for personal stuff and those plans fell through. In the past I would go into work to get the days back and use them another time. I decided - what the hell, I love to go to market and I should keep the days off for me.

So here I am at Prince St Cafe hanging with XPN. I started with decaf because I am afraid I will overdose on coffee. I did not realize that I yearn for days like these. To ride the Schwinn, hang out at a coffee shop, eating, drinking, blogging, texting, ... Poor Bradley had to work so I invited my boyfriend to join me but he went to the wrong coffee shop. Imagine that. It could have been a perfect morning. :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


One would think since I am not training for anything and I usually whine about how crazy it is to ride in the rain this time of year ~ that I would have stayed in my pjs. But no, I got stupid. I suited up in my thermal tights, wind jacket and rode. We thought there would be a "window". If it would rain, it surely would happen half way into our two plus hour ride. I took the gamble and dragged along a friend. The guys were all lined up for the Sunday ride, too. I don't know what we were all thinking. Having a few days off the bike is a good thing. Did we really need to ride today?

Breaking even on the gamble, we got poured on off and on around the Strasburg Railroad. My wet suit-like thermal tights kept me warm and dry for most of the ride. It wasn't until I was home hosing off the bikes that I froze. My feet took the worst of it as they got numb and I couldn't put weight on them until I showered and put my fuzzy slippers on. Crazy!