Thursday, April 30, 2009


I want to blame it on the heat last weekend and work. Luckily, I have ridden my bike everyday this week but only commuting a big 14 mile round trip (except for Wednesday - I took the bus home because I had a flat and I didn't want to waste a CO2 cartridge [LAZY!])

I talked myself out of another ride after work, arriving at home to a fabulous meal made by my man, Ober and his Dad. I planted the last of my snapdragons and feasted on 3-Buck Chuck Chardonnay, Cajun catfish, black rice cooked in coconut milk and one of my favorite veggies-asparagus.

Hmmm. A couple weeks ago I raced a local crit and one of the PA Women's Cycling sponsors handed out boxes of cake and frosting mix. After such a hard week of training (ha!), I decided to make CUPCAKES!!!

You know, I have not made a cake from a box in over ten plus years. I was a little nervous. I figured cake is cake. I thought it would be sweet and sugary. It actually tasted good and healthy. Not the bad, dry and no flavor healthy but satisfying. Now I did substitute egg whites for eggs and I did not use a whole stick of butter for the frosting. I suck at making frosting, even out of a box. I am not a good whisker. Oh, I did not spread it on fully cooled cupcakes. That could be part of the problem that the frosting ran down the sides. Oh well, I am not so great at presentation, either. So, if you have the urge to have your cake and eat it too, check out Naturally Nora, Alot'A Dots. Yummy!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am a motorized vehicle!

I had my second encounter of banging a car with my hand. I always think about it but we are usually moving and I just force myself to play it safe. The first incident was in the last 2 miles of the busy stretch home. I was coming up along side of the cars going straight through the intersection. A car decided to go around a turning car and about wacked me off my bike until I wacked his car with my left hand. I scared the crap out of him as he did of me. He never saw me and he eased off.

Tonight. Same area. For those local, turning left off of North Frederick and onto North Plum. I usually take the lane when I have to turn left. I was stopped because traffic was coming from all ways - I have signaled a few times but it is not like we have a "turn signal". So Grandpa decided to go around me into the left lane, brushing the left side of me as I ended up banging the top of his hood with my left arm. "What the hell are you doing?! I am a motorized vehicle!" He looked at me as if I appeared out of nowhere and should get out of his way. I just leaned into his SUV and pushed out into the intersection, hoping the on-coming traffic would give me the right away. Thank goodness they did.

Now enjoy a great laugh as I could not get up the climb to look good for the camera. Actually, I don't remember a photographer on Pain Mountain.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last Weekend in April

Sorry for the slacking on the posts - life has been hectic. I still have pictures and videos to post from my travels to Texas in February.

Stage raced locally this last weekend in April, and all is good in the end in the Tour de Ephrata (at least for me). We had a record field of 70+ for the women's open field.

Saturday, I was surprisingly able to "MOVE UP, MOVE UP!" :-0 from 71+ to the top third of the field and surfed the front off and on as road racing goes. It stayed together for a sprint finish so I tried to get away twice within a few KMs to go (HA! Right.) and NO go. With 200 meters to go, I tired again with the rest of the pack and chickened out as 30 women flew by me. I was at least safe, no road rash and ready to garden. Goal for the day was to finish top five or garden at our veggie garden plot. Guess I was gardening.

Not. Fed the next wave of races for the 35+ field and also tried to help Bad Kat feed Bad Andy's team in the 1/2/3. It got HOT in the feedzone so I ate some burgers and hung out. Still had the gardening bug, especially as the race course passed a greenhouse on the course so I stopped on the way home. After picking out a tray of red peppers and snap dragons, I about passed out in the greenhouse. What was I thinking? Grabbed another tray of flowers and rushed home as I had more errands to run.

Sidetracked again after I dropped off the plants and shopped at Costco; the next thing I knew, I saddled up to the bar and had a Guinness and a cup of soup. Ah, great recovery with the 2009 NFL draft on the tv. Finally made it home for real recovery. But Brad decided we would visit fellow racer friends in the neighborhood and before we knew it, Brad was ripping up there stairs.

Sunday morning was a bag of excuses. All I could hope for is that I looked good trying to race my arse off up Pain Mountain. Gotta love Lancaster County; Even though I see cows and goats all the time, I was talking to them after the time trial and taking pictures of them.

Off to Ephrata for the downtown crit. Went to chow on some bagels but got sidetracked to the soft pretzel trailer. Oh, yea. Hit the spot with a cold coke in our second, 90 degree day in a row. (What happened to spring?! Waa, Waa...)

So I did all the wrong things today but had a good time but with no results. And I am fine with that as I still have all my skin. Bulleted home for a quick shower to attend a meeting to recruit some board members and camp committee members.

Ending the evening selling old air conditioners (Used craigslist to sell something for the first time - sweet!), pulled out the keepers and put them in the windows for our fantastic summer weather (Freakin' global warming - I knew it was going to go from cold, wet and freezing weather to damn hot weather. %#$*&! ), planted those flowers in baskets and boxes, drank lots of beer with friends and now finishing of this post to fabulous folk music on XPN (Love the Dulcimer).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The USA Triple Crown of Cycling Needs Our Help

Remember Eric Heiden winning the inaugural CoreStates USPRO event? Lance Armstrong winning the Triple Crown of Cycling in 1993 (112-mile Thrift Drug Classic in Pittsburgh, the six-day Kmart West Virginia Classic stage race and the ninth running of what was then the CoreStates USPRO Championship)? Or Petra Rossner's domination of the Liberty Classic, or Lynn Bessette ending her former teammate's winning streak...

Well, in its 25th year, the race known as by the various banking institutions of CoreStates - First Union - Wachovia - Commerce Bank and now TD Bank Philadelphia - is in financial difficulties. Please read a message from the Race Founders; David Chauner and Jerry Casale.

"The event that started it all for international, professional cycling in the U.S. needs your help. After 24 years as the largest single-day, professional cycling race in North America, the Philadelphia International Championship is in jeopardy.

The economic challenges experienced in both corporate and civic circles have converged to create a shortfall in the operating budget of the race’s 25th year, and the reality of the situation is that unless a $500,000 gap can be closed in the next several days, the race will be cancelled. (To read an article on the status of the race in The Philadelphia Inquirer, click here.)

While the scenario seems extraordinary, what we know is truly extraordinary is the love of this event among fans, cyclists and sports enthusiasts in Philadelphia, throughout the Delaware Valley and across the country. This is a decidedly difficult position for any event organizer – and perhaps one that’s become too familiar in recent months.

However, it is because of the incredible support the Philly race has enjoyed throughout its history, that we are bringing an appeal directly to you, the fans and cycling community.

Thousands of fans line the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and streets of Manayunk each June to watch the world’s best in this sport. There is power in those numbers, and we’re hoping that power can help save the 25th running of the race.

If you are interested in helping, there are three immediate ways to do so.
1. You can go online right now and buy Champions Row VIP tickets for $100 or $75 each. Our goal is to sell 3,000 VIP tickets for this first-ever opportunity to be under tent at the start/finish line for all of the racing action. These tickets include all-day catered buffets, complimentary beverages, drawings for pace car rides, VIP credential, a rider appearance, free transport to and from Manayunk and parking. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE TICKETS NOW.
2. You can buy a $10 official Embrace the Race poster. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE POSTER NOW.
3. You can also buy a $5 official Philadelphia International Cycling Championship Embrace the Race decal. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE STICKER NOW.

Please note: If the goal is not met and the race is canceled, ALL VIP TICKETS WILL BE FULLY REFUNDED and proceeds from Embrace the Race poster and decal purchases will be donated to one or more local charities that support cycling development in the Delaware Valley.

If just 3,000 people out of the 350,000 fans who come every year to the event each buy a Champions Row VIP ticket, the gap will be significantly reduced. If 50,000 people purchase a $10 Embrace the Race commemorative poster, the gap will be closed. Whatever your purchase, your Embrace of the Race and the support that goes with that will be deeply appreciated.

Your support over the years has never gone unnoticed or been underestimated. We hope to see you on June 7!

Thank you.
David Chauner and Jerry Casale
Race Founders (Tickets, posters, and stickers)"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back Nine on Sunday

Never doubt the back nine on Sunday at the Masters. Holy cow. I heard all the nay-sayers. Yea, Tiger did not win but hell, he and Phil were what, a combined 12 under at one point when the leaders were at a combined plus 3. I love when golf goes into play-offs.

Gotta put on the pjs and run around to get some more drinks, food and chocolate. Then - we shall watch Paris-Roubaix.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recovery Time

This is my favorite time of the sports year; The Masters and the best Classics (Flanders, GW, PR). Need some recovery, sit down and watch some grass grow on the golf course. Just a fabulous time on the couch.

I come into the Tournament and Tiger is down by 8 (Leaders were at -8; he at Even). He if F*ckn amazing. Cool as a cucumber.

Life is good. My hammies are fried from climbing all weekend and I then go and ride the Conestoga Challenge course. Damn-PA guys, get you climbing legs ready. This course is incredible but you better be able to climb. There are some flat and roller sections but those mountain goats will rip your legs off.