Sunday, December 12, 2010

Labor Day Drive from Maine to Mass.

Since my memory doesn't serve me well much these days (I know, I know! I am not that old - not even that close to turning 50 - but that is just how it goes), I will post these fun pictures. On our way home, we drove up to Rockland for one last visit to the Breakwater Lighthouse. Worth the trip back as it was tough to get pictures the evening before as dusk turned to night.

Maine Lobsterman
Breakwater Lighthouse

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

The one thing I do remember was the drive home. We were making GREAT time and because part of the trip was a foodie event, we had to stop for scones. Our favorite shop was closed so we had to stop for breakfast somewhere. I don't remember the place but it was on the wrong side of the road. The service took forever so we watched the traffic increase as we waited and waited for bacon and eggs. Because I had to stop to see one more %$*%$:-) lighthouse, this was the traffic from Cape Neddick. I95 was backed up when we got off so I decided to take Route 1 south.
As we SAT in traffic on Route 1, traffic was flying on I95. We needed to travel FIVE miles on Route 1 to "detour" the Labor Day traffic then jump back on I95. Instead, we sat in the Labor Day traffic for over an hour. I am not much of a runner but I could have ran faster than driving on Route 1. Karen kept me calm as I just had to laugh at making the wrong decision taking Route 1.