Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pictures for the Waldoboro Post

The cherry pie and raspberry cream cake!!! Yum!!
Reds Eats. We did not get to stop on our way out as we were worried about the traffic backup that happens in this area because of Reds and also because of the Labor Day traffic. So I had my lobster (happy hr special to boot!) in Camden Sunday at Cappy's Chowder House.

The antique shop wish list...

Moody's Cabins. Hmm. Forgot about NO air conditioning. Pretty rustic and sufficient. Mini fridge, microwave, tv w/cable. Watched hurricane Earl, US Open, baseball, ...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waldoboro, Maine

Yesterday we drove from Millersville, PA, to Florham Park, NJ, to begin our adventure to Maine for my third triathlon. Karen is an avid triathlete with many ribbons and trophies in her many years of racing. I was enticed with the adventure of Maine without having to race a triathlon. I am not sure what made me sign up for the is race - I think is was that I committed to the road trip and that the entry fee is the lowest I have seen for these crazy races ($40). Karen has been a trooper as I finished my second triathlon (one that was on the ROAD so I did not hurt myself) with a bad attitude.

The swim is the worst for me as I have anxiety issues especially since I have not trained enough in the pool. I grabbed a red cap as that alerts the kayakers to keep an eye on us red-cappers. I had a older woman kayaker stay with me during my second loop of the 3/4 mile swim encouraging me all the way. She said I had a really good stroke - better than some of the men. Yea, okay - thanks but it did not help me with my breathing! Being the second to last competitor out of the water, I just walked to the transition area to shake off the swim. I took my time in the transition area and once on the bike, I rode as fast as I could to get away from the swim. I passed about 20+ women going from 34th to 9th place. :-) Hammer time. Then came the run and almost half of those women I passed on the bike, passed me on the run. Thankfully the run was on a trail so my battered body had a break from the pounding road (I rode 50+ miles the day before because I can't say no & needed to get the miles in for a century ride that I am doing with more girlfriends on Sept. 11th). Karen and Terri were chipper cheering for me handing me Gatorade and that was really nice and cool but I was a grump. (Sorry gals!!) Triathlons are not my thing and I just think these athletes are amazing. I thought training for bike racing was hard. Trying to train for three disciplines is even harder. So here I am. In Waldoboro, Maine, for my third triathlon.

Today, we made it to Wiscasset, Maine by One O'clock. I wanted to eat at Red's Eats but they had too long of a line so we had lunch at Sarah's Cafe. After we left Sarah's, we checked out Red's and a guy passed his tray of lobster rolls under our eyes and it was all lobster meat. No salad mix (lobster salad) just the meat on a roll. It looked exactly like what I wanted!! So we will have to stop by on our way home.

At Sarah's Cafe, we had a cup and a half of soup; I had curry black beans and summer squash, Karen had haddock chowder and we split a cup of potato and shallot. The soups came with three & 1/2 pieces of homemade bread. Then we thought we had room for dessert. We ordered a raspberry cream cake and cherry pie. I think our waitress gave us the biggest slices! Yay!! We walked around after lunch and the sugar and fat set in and we were SO full.

We wandered into an antique shop and I saw the most beautiful pool table I ever laid eyes on. I will post pictures when I return home. The pool table was built in the 1800s by Brunswick and the gentleman would sell it to me today; for the price of $17,000!!!!!! I saw a chandelier I liked and that price made me think I could afford the chandelier made of brass coated/plated with silver for $1600. Aw, but no room in my car. Bummer. About 30 minutes putzing around town, we left for Waldoboro. We melted unpacking the car as the cabin does not have air conditioning. The bike ride to loosen the legs went out the window as we sat outside in the shade as it was cooler than our cabin. I did a little work and Karen caught up with family. Now I need to do some school work and turn in for the night. Tomorrow's adventure will be a ride down to Pemaquid Lighthouse.