Monday, September 21, 2009

Git'R Done ~ Italian Style

A couple weeks ago, Areva, delivered TMI's two new (French constructed) 510 ton generators in Port Deposit, Maryland. All I knew was in a couple of weeks, the procession would be disrupting our afternoon ride we call the "Stick Ride". Last week we rode through "road closed" barriers and walked through dirt and gravel while sub-contractors worked on reinforcing the bridges that the generators would be traveling over this week.

Friday night, the gigantic generators arrived in our back yard. Since they do not travel on the weekends (except for one exception next Sunday night 9/27 after midnight since they will be traveling across a major highway), they sat parked, heavily secured by the Pennsylvania State Police. Karen and I detoured our ride loop to check them out. About 20+ people leaned up against the barriers drinking coffee and talking with perfect strangers. The PA State Police gave us a few facts (33 million in security, 26 axles broken down to 12 & 14 axel units with hydrolic lines, 208 wheels, moves a maximum of 3 miles per hour...) I decided I had to see these things on the move. After our ride fabulous ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I headed into the office and changed my week off for Vegas to taking Monday morning off to watch the generators. Yea, a stay~cation to ride, sit and ride.
Saturday's pre-ride festivities. Later, I find out that the crowds grew by the hour and PA State Police and Areva staff were busy all weekend long answering questions and guarding the generators.

Monday: We were like Nascar fans that sit on the side of the road watching the trucks carrying the cars driving by on the highways. We sat watching the generators move. I think the difference with the generator fans is that we watched in amazement and awe at the art of moving these massive engineering masterpieces. The Fagioli, moving crew think the crowds are amazing. Someone mentioned they move oil rigs and other massive items all over the world and have not had the crowds that the generators draw.

The "moving crew" from Italy drove these generators on trailers using joysticks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dogs and Kids

One of the luxuries of not having kids or dogs allows us to pack a bag(s) and go for a weekend. On a dreary, rainy day, we packed for the Cape to pick up an old Raleigh Ober ordered off of Ebay.I love road trips. As usual, I had four bags to his one. Some were shared as I packed food for the drive and then my school books (taking my 1st graduate class after being out of university for 11 yrs). I quickly researched the happenings for the area and got it in my head that I wanted to head to Provincetown after we picked up the Raleigh in Hyannis. The weather rained for most of our drive on Saturday then the sun came out when we arrived at Hyannis. We had lunch at a local spot, nothing spectacular except for the Foncite Napoletana (eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese topped with marinara & melted cheese). It pays off to travel with food for the drive so we can splurge on a great meal or two and arrive in record time (even with bad weather). After picking up the bike, we drove to Provincetown.
We decided to stay in town as the weather probably allowed for some places to have openings. It was slim pickings but we found a place a block from the main street; Commercial Street. The rain started to fall lightly but we walked the streets for drinks, food and football. I loved the town and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smalltown, USA

I painfully entered the 62nd Annual Hard Crab Derby with Brad's family. The weather was fabulous at the Southern-most town in the State of Maryland. With nine crabs entered in the derby, we had to go and watch the heats. Nathan, Rachel and Brad stayed back at the condo to rest and study.

Our crabs were scattered throughout the heats. With seven heats of 50 crabs, the first three crabs made it to the final round. We all left after Max's heat with none of us in the final round. Rox stayed to watch the rest of our crabs race.

When we got back to the condo, Rox texted that Brad's crab, Cavendish, finished second in his heat; making it to the final. So we hopped in the van just in case we needed to be ready for the podium. Brad's crab needed some of his teammates to help him out as he did not finish in the final three. The winner was a local who won last year. Top prize was $500. We think it was fixed!!

Wow? Is this a Luna Moth? I think the poor thing is dead. Bummer, so beautiful.

My consolation prize - a picture for my pretties. :-)

62nd National Hard Crab Derby

Miss Crisfield was busy with her duties at the Hard Crab Derby so 4th Runner Up was kind enough to pose for a picture.