Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pictures of Yummy Broth and the Piggies

I am still getting used to blogging again so I could not figure out to post my pictures for the post on March 12th (the day before our March 13th snow storm!). 

The broth turned out amazing and I will see those darn little - or now a bit bigger piggies on a early evening ride.  I just LOVE Lancaster County, PA!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring is around the corner, or so we think.

Global warming is playing havoc with us as we had beautifully warm days in February and March and deep freezes in between.  Spring equinox is a few days away and the East Coast of America is Great is bracing for a potential March Blizzard.  I experienced the blizzard of the century; March 13-14, 1993, and reveled in it.  It was the first of many snow days for work and I don't work for a school district.  I still love snow days but this one is stressing me out.

I am the lead site coordinator for a consortium of colleges and universities that have been hosting a teacher's job fair for over 32 years.  This may be the first time we may have a delay or possibly a closing.  Over 280 recruiters may not connect with over 450+ teacher candidates.   Tomorrow we may be setting up the fair with false hopes.  I feel for those that will not get to make those face to face connections with their future careers.  I hope the food that get prepared may be donated in the days after the storm.  This is our spring break; snowy break.

I tried to distract myself from the weather updates by making vegetable broth, watched two live streaming, cycling races and ate yummy prepared food from Carr's stand at Market.  When I feel lazy and don't want to cook but want dining out quality, Tim Carr's prepared food is amazing.

My cat did his best to entertain me as we played hide and seek for a little bit but most of the day we ate and napped.  Luckily, we ventured outside for short bike rides on a windy Saturday and rode 40 miles on Sunday.  I went to visit the snow geese at Middle Creek and there none to be found.  I guess they know the snow is coming and they headed East (I saw a couple dozen flying East as I rode home South of Middle Creek in a tailwind!!!).  Only the Canadian Geese greeted me as well as the pink piggies on my ride home.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Blog writing hopefully revived!

Ober's oldest nephew is traveling the world in four months, and he has inspired me to write again by sharing his college friend and fellow Fulbright's blog; wanderlauren - Adventures in Bogota.  Somehow I end up reading a former cycling teammate's blog and she, too, reminds me of the beauty of writing.  I found keeping a blog improved my writing and helped free my mind.  Hopefully I will begin writing again as I had some really fun adventures before I started this blog and since I took some hiatiuses from the blogging, too.

For now, I will share an image of our current, five year-old cat, Mr. Utley, Futley, Pear butt, snuggler, used to play marbles and hide and seek with us, Utley (so I can go to sleep because somehow, I was going to bed early as I am under the weather, again for the fourth time in four months and cannot stay up crafting a post).  Ciao.