Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!!


I did the scooping and Brad did the carving. This is how I felt after my little scary incident below with a clueless construction dude. We brought home two of these pumpkins two weeks ago. Squirrels ate the tongue, ears and teeth but they pretty much survived until the recent rain. I am holding out one more day to light our pumpkin. The other one with the hat ate it with the rain. All mushy and buggy. MUHAHAHA!

Helmet smashed and broken.

Yea, it sucks but it comes with the territory. Wear your helmets. Period. We were not riding fast as there was road work that had construction people directing us where to go. Then a clueless construction dude walked across the road from the left, across TWO lanes of traffic. Yes, two lanes. So he stopped in the middle then continued walking while not looking. What was he thinking?!! Brad yelled at him but I guess I did not hear him or Andy due to the jackhammering and I was paying attention to all the gravel and cuts in the road. I was SO close to missing the guy as he froze then he decided to move as I was riding right at him. I went left and he stepped back and my front wheel grazed him enough to take me out and into the other lane of traffic. I swore a lot looking at the front end of a car about two feet away. I then grabbed my bike and mindlessly walked to the side of the road as Brad gathered himself not to hurt the guy. Nothing broken, thank goodness just the usual bruises, scrapes and bumps from crashing.

We rode home then drove to the ER. All I can say is if you don't have to go to the doctor's office or ER, do not. Everyone is sick. I have not been watching the news so I had little idea how crazy the "flu" is. Brad grabbed a face mask for me and I told him to leave. I ended up being there for three hours and people kept pouring in with sick little babies. Brad did come back for the last hour as we waited for the cat scan result (mild concussion).

I went to work yesterday as I thought I would be okay. The doctor said to rest and don't do a lot of concentration or anything you have to focus on. I thought I felt fine (little blue pills do wonders). I should of listened as I am paying for it today. Even with a mild concussion, it was tough to concentrate. I don't remember what I worked on yesterday. Today, I was (more) easily irritated, had a headache and said things that should not have been said. After I inserted my foot into my mouth, I finished up a job and left work (a little too late). Wow, I am exhausted. I know, I shouldn't be typing so I will sign off for now as the head is still achy and I need to take another little blue pill.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Road Trip to Hull, Massachuetts

My home computer's hard drive died so it has been a while for me to post. It was very painful to loose some pictures and videos from the last few months. Luckily I had copied most of my photos but I lost about two months of pictures that I thought I really did not care about until every once in a while I would remember a fun photo of a group of us riding through Smith Island, Maryland, or the Pelicans sitting on the posts at a rundown fishing dock, or the dreary weather and bright colors of Provincetown, Massachuetts or the fascinating 90-second video of those 510 ton generators moving along at two-three miles an hour. Sure, I can eventually watch the Discovery Channel about the generators but how much fun is that when I had my own personal video without commentary. I think photographs are an easy way to capture and catalog our memories. This is my reminder to all of us to back-up our computers regularly as the little things as losing a few photos and (a lot) of music can be costly.

Enjoy some views of boats, beaches, bikes and lighthouses in and around Hull, Massachuetts in late September.