Thursday, May 20, 2010

Word of the Day ~ Doping!

It's not just me being a silly goober ("you're such a dope!"), and it not just Landis confessing he has doped (used performance enhancing drugs) but calling out Mellow Johnny for doping, too. How could it be so that all the lieutenants that used to race for the 7-time TdF winner got busted for doping but he has never doped?

Friday, May 14, 2010


I know ~ it happened a month ago but had work and school to deal with. Here are some pictures of the 60+ winner, 35+ robocop and our other kick-ass 40+ guys.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So the Pens lost horribly yesterday so I am cheering on the Flyers!!! Brad is the fan ~ oh, I guess I am but I keep forgetting in my old age!! Go Flyers!!!! We are off to finding a pub with CSN for tomorrow night. Dinner at the house and then an evening of skating on the ice with graduating F&M students at either the Brickyard or I don't know place as they need to have CABLE. Ugh. Brickyard it may be.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Phillies Win 7-2

I went to an afternoon Phillies game yesterday and had a blast! I yelled at the ref and told him "it was in the strike box!", batters hit seconds (not doubles) and I was hoping the game would go into overtime. I had all the terminology messed up and that was before I had four beers. Doaph!

Our seats were excellent (Thanks UGI Mike)! Row 18, section 131, along the third base line. The players looked bigger than life. Mary almost caught an Utley, foul ball (I should of push her over the two people to our right to tackle the businessman who caught it bear-handed). Everyone popped up and I was too slow to react; I just yelled; "Mary, get it!!" Ibanez hit a homer and we got to hear the bell ring (we got to the game late and missed Werth's homer-bummer!!)

When you go to a game, don't forget your glove, camera, sunscreen, hat and binoculars. If you want to get on the jumbotron, you must were the team regalia. A mother two rows in front pumped up her biceps for the "muscle cam" and two girls behind us got on the jumbotron twice just smiling and dancing. We wore red and white shirts but only one Phillies hat (Mare) so we missed out. And if you have great seats, be ready to turn 12 again and get excited to see the mascot running down the isles giving high fives.