Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mt. Ventoux Race Weekend

For those racing state-side on the East Coast, you have your choice of racing in my neighborhood of Grandview Heights, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The riders have been previewing the course this week. Ober will have burgers, dogs & beer on hand. You may have to assist him or help yourself to the food & beer - you may have to make it yourself, too, as I will be in West Virgina racing my team race in the Lost River Valley.

Bring chairs and if you like - a watermelon or side dish would be greatly appreciated, too.

I am reminiscing to the days, Marcy, Blackie, Tim & I spent at the 2004 TDF.

Carcassonne Start (Southern France) - Ekimov

The caravan...
Hey!! How did that American get on the INSIDE... On the other side of that Powerbar feed station was the sign-in for the riders. We left Blackie on La Mongie DAYS ago. That is how our trip went for two plus weeks. Blackie would disappear on a stage and we would somehow meet up with him days later at another stage. Mind you, we did not have cells phones back then so there wasn't any texting and calling to meet up.

Mt. Ventoux!! Blackie left us at the town at the bottom (Bedoin) of Ventoux, drove our car to the top and he met people that drove him to the next stage. Thank goodness as we ROASTED on the climb; handed off our helmets to him on our ride up, he handed bars to us and then we were thankful to have the car at the top because we would have FROZE if we had to ride down.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is Good

Even though my digital camera died (retractable lens does not retract) over the 4th of July weekend, Life Is Good.

Work still is stressful but what is new. I had a fabulous birthday week spending some time with my 16 year old nephew. He attended a Technology Camp at my workplace so I was his transport. We ate the best sticky buns in the world, the biggest, greasiest, yummiest stromboli in Millersville, University-function-tasty pulled pork barbeque and the best Thai in Mountville. Being 16 means he has his driving permit. Oh yea! Trying to be a good Aunt, I let him drive home today. Wow, I am getting old. So I did my best to not tell him about all my crashes, speeding tickets and totaled vehicles.

He has only driven with his parents in their SUV. My Prius gave him a different perspective on the road. It brought him closer to the road and he seemed better at judging where we was in the lane. I think driving my car was the best part of his week.

If I had a working camera, you would see the yummiest, organic, NJ blueberries. We usually do not give either presents as we try to do little gifts and special dinners throughout the year. But I said, if you want to buy me something, Millers Natural Store in Bird-In-Hand, has a $28, 20 pound box of organic blueberries! Woohoo! We are stocked if we don't eat them all by the end of summer.

Tomorrow, after I work one of those Saturdays I always try to get out of working, I will enjoy some great ale attending my first beer festival. I am so excited to get my growler filled and reminisce about the taprooms in Montana. (Missing you Broeder!) Then, Sunday I visit a truly awesome friend on holiday from her home away from home - Hardwick, England.

Life Is Good. Great family, friends and fun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay, I have been sucked in just a little bit. Brad pulled out some of his albums and I am playing ABC. If my camera wasn't broken I would show you a picture of Michael on a bike on the back side cover of Ben. Pretty cool. So I set up a little altar for MJ by placing that back side- album cover over my 2004 Lance picture.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"The Ultimate Line"

I love Maureen Dowd.

Jenny Sanford should tell her husband to take a hike, for real! And not come back.