Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Loreena McKennitt

We saw Loreena McKennitt last night in Reading, PA. She is a magical musician, song writer and artist. Her music draws you into a moving exploration of literary, historic, and spiritual themes. She weaves history, culture and literary words into an earthy, Celtic, ethnic rhythm. She has traveled all over the world and created music from her experiences and journeys. She states “her starting point is the belief that, in one way or another, we are all an extension of each other’s history. Wanting to learn about our neighbors is also a desire to learn about ourselves.”

When we were in Asheville, NC, I saw that Loreena would be playing at UNCA this Thursday, 4/26. I wanted to go back to Asheville to see her but knew it would not be possible. Knowing that she was touring on the East Coast, I had hoped that she would be in my neck of the woods. It was tough for us to be out on a Monday night past 8 p.m. as we would have to load up on caffeine the rest of the week but the concert was worth the time. I also got to preview the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown Series as the Sovereign Performing Arts Center is right in the middle of that course. :-)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Ah, finally sun and warmth. This past weekend the sun and warm weather soaked the east coast. I am all about "me" time so I never got into the traditional "women's work". Every spring, I think about spring cleaning but my spring cleaning entails opening up the windows and shaking out blankets. That's it.

Spring time for us means less house and yard work. We are on the go with training and racing that I broke down and bought a crock pot this winter to help with our home cooked meals. I actually returned the Rival as it burnt half the meals I cooked in it. I will hopefully pick up another one at Costco so we can feast after out Wednesdays Worlds.

Friday, April 13, 2007

God put a smile upon your face-Coldplay

Treasure a Friday the 13th; Peru, Machu Picchu, hand weavers, cheese, wine, friends, playing with cats and great music. Time to turn in to ready for a half day of riding before the Nor'easter hits.

Wine - Pinot Evil
Cheese - Drunken Goat (I am a sucker for advertisers) and Beligum cow's milk made with Chimay Beer. (both from Wegmans)

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Life - Part 2

Four hours later, I am still watching golf online, surfing & blogging. Wow. This is dangerous. If I could ride a little bit, it would truly be the life.

The Life

I am home sick (actually with an injury) drinking Tall Horse merlot wine and watching the Master's PGA tournament online - http://attblueroom.com/sports/inc_event_mediaplayer/player.php?id=5 (I am not ready to take the Flexall. A friend recommended getting drunk. It made her whiplash go away.)

I am just pissed off because I have not been consistently riding for almost six weeks for one reason or another (Waaaaa! :-) Brad is not happy, either, because he gets to hear my wimpers and cries. So the wine, golf and heating pad seem to be making me feel better.

I have thoughts about throwing in the towel for the season. Maybe I will just be registration/support/girl. My goodness, I do not ride or lift all week to heal the hamstring from the crazy time trailing on Sunday and my neck goes into spasms on Tuesday culminating into non-movement of my head by Thursday night. I joked with my boss that it's all her fault. Working the rowing machine on Wednesday probably did not help, either. At the time, it really relieved a lot of stress. I felt revived and ready to tackle the day.

is busier this time of year due to early registration and the upcoming graduation so everyone is asking questions about curriculum and degree audit issues (my area). Others are thinking ahead, seeking advise for curriculum changes, the university catalog is down to the wire for final revisions, students are finalizing degree requirements, ... and I need to be constantly evolving and improving my services for the University. I love my job but this week was totally out of balance for me. I think trying to multi-task too much has thrown my body off kilter. Plus, not exercising consistently has allowed me to crack.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pudgy Peruvian

I just got home a few hours ago after picking up my friends from the Philly airport. They brought me a pudgy Peruvian! Too bad he can't cook. He is grand with his beautiful smile and his comforting, pear-shaped base. Just like me and my cat, Smeagol.

I must digress just a bit with bragging about my cat. Smeeges has 7 toes on each of his front paws, big back haunches and his ears are slightly bigger than usual (...our second cat from an Amish farm. The first one is a beautiful long-haired cat but mean and moody-also like me.) Smeagol's proportions are slightly off so that is how he ended up with the name although his is not ugly or scary like his namesake. If I can catch him sitting with his budda belly hanging out, I will post the little bugger.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kirkwood Elite RR 2007 - superstars and bell lap video

Carlisle 40km TT 2007 - sub hour!

Ha! April Fools. Or should I say, I am the fool! What in the hell was I thinking doing a 40km TT in the beginning of April? Training, right. The first rider went off at 8:00 a.m. and it was apha order - I started at 8:01 a.m.

5:30 am start - left by 6:00 am
arrive at 6:45 am
register and set-up by 7:00

I thought I had a good start but I was off on the travel time. Newman!
It went to hell in a hand basket after that.

Arrived at 7:05.

On the trainer by 7:30 - not good. Ipod locked up. Sucked. Spun the legs and decided to finished it on the road as I heard I had to ride a mile and a half to the start and I had no idea where to go.

Kris Auer was the first to go off and he rallied me to roll with him to the start at 7:45 a.m. Had difficulty getting the skinsuit on. April is TOO early for a skinsuit.

I get my heart rate up getting to what we think is the start. Cones, tape on the road but no people, officials, nada. We roll around, more riders congregate. Our "start times" go by. The woman from registration shows up. We were all laid back so it was cool. It seemed as if the TT was run by a couple who loves cycling and must think time trialing is cool.

So the time trialing began 15 minutes late. It was all big ring but it was tough. The course was undulating.

Why do TT (I am trying to keep it positive):
To spend quality time with yourself; get in touch with the mind and body.
Great for training (if you properly warm-up and fuel the body)
To drool over other riders equipment
Because it is fun (??) I get to where a cool bubble gum TT helmet from the 80s. The thing is one size too big but it makes me (and everyone else) laugh.

Damn. That quality time was tough. After a month off the bike, missed a warm-up, forgot a gel and did not have time to bum one off someone else, I reminded myself that I was here for training and started out slow. I did start out slow but it was painful, everything ached with only a 155-160 average heart rate. Going out seemed like a false flat with rollers. I did not realize that we had a tailwind until the turnaround and I thought I was going to fall off my bike. There was a little riser and the wind and the lactate acid in the legs sucked.

They had the course marked at every 5K. Since I was here for "training", I took time to shimmy my arm warmers over my hands because I rushed to the start (my fingers froze to my tt bars). I blew my nose at every 5K (it was freakin' cold - at least it wasn't raining). I knew I was in trouble when I was meowing at cats in the fields and thought about drafting Amish buggies. Many guys passed me. I got to pass ONE person. Poor guy was from one of the TTT so he does not count.

I figured after 35K, I would be warmed up so I ramped it to the finish. Mistake. I had some aches and pains, issues with my left leg from chronic injuries but I kept on pushing. Based on my times at the 5K markers, I had hoped to roll in at 1:05. The hour rolled by and I pushed on. I don't think I got out of the saddle the whole ride. I "motored" in at 1:06:45 (35.96 kph/22.34 mph). Damn, I was DFL (3 out of 3; almost 2 minutes back from the 1st woman! Grrr.) Okay, okay, (deep breath) I was satisfied with my time based on all my excuses. The winning time was 54:09. Smokin' fast ( William O'Donnell - Westwood One Velo Trade Manage Racing category 3)

It took me 10 minutes to get back to the car. I called Brad to see if he and a teammate would come out to do the mass start hill climb in the afternoon. I sat in the car and my right hamstring (the good leg) - right in the glute area - went into a spasmed. I freaked out. I hung up and thought I needed to get back on the bike. It did not feel any better. Damn. I am a crazy nut. My slow was hard for my body. I think my body was not used to the position with the cold and lack of a warm-up. Ugh.

I blew off the mass start hill climb as I am not totally stupid. Within a hour of the finish, it started to rain. Yea! So I felt better missing the hill climb. I did a recon of the hill climb. Pretty cool course. If my hammy heals well, I hope to do another 40K TT in 2 weeks and come back to do the Carlisle TT in May (and attempt the hill climb, too).