Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MaineSport Outfitters Triathlon

.5 mile swim; 26 mile bike; 6.6 mile run. I borrowed a wet suit from a friend of Karen's so I floated through the swim. Somewhat fun because I felt like a buoy but I still was one of the last 10 out of the water. Then I could not get out of the wet suit. Worth it? As I had done before, I rode like a maniac passing at least 20 people. My overall time was 2:53; bottom third. I cracked on the run, of course. It was hilly and I kept running in the grassy shoulder as I was concerned about my past running injuries. What I didn't realize is that probably slowed down my time. Oh well. All I cared about was walking again. Karen did awesome finishing top ten female, and first in her age group. Then she won a wicking tee and toed socks in the post-race race number drawing. You should see the awesome winter puffy coat she bought with her "Maine Outfitters" gift certificate. I will have to post in winter as I forgot to take a picture of her in it. We were so cracked after the race. Oh yea, I forgot we had hiked four hours the day before. So tired. But to save on driving back to Waldoboro and back to Camden, we just toweled off and spent the day in Camden. So much fun as the town was hopping with the Windjammer Festival. Dozens of schooners were taking people out for sails and docked tours. We had lunch at a local deli and ate dinner at Cappy's. I finally had my Maine lobster. Yum!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hiking Out of Camden State Park

The Ocean Lookout was a much needed a break from the hike in. Thank goodness we had scones from Rock City Coffee House (key lime was very yummy and my half eaten chocolate topped, almond danish was the bomb). I would say we hiked about 4 plus miles, round trip loop and the most difficult was the first half of the hike to the Lookout. I jokingly said that when we hike out, all the running water on the trails will be gone as these were "temporary streams" from hurricane Earl. And that was pretty much true. Most of the trails had very little running water and when we hit the last trail to the parking lot, all the water in the trail was gone. Crazy.
Ocean Lookout, Camden Harbor.

Still had some flowing, running water from Hurricane Earl. This rooted trail had flowing water but it pretty much all flowed down the mountain. The source of the water was gone (stopped raining around 10 a.m.) so hiking out seemed like totally different trails from when we hiked in 2+ hours ago.

LOVED my new hiking boots. Tevas from Sierra Trading Post. They sure came in handy with this hike that lasted a lot longer than Karen expected. Plus, the trails were difficult with all the running water. These boots kept my feet dry, too.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hiking in Camden

The day before our triathlon, we hiked Camden State Park to the lookout over the Camden Harbor. From what Karen remembered from a decade ago, the hike was about an hour + out; possibly 3 hours round trip. We started at the route 52 parking lot hiking Maiden Cliff to Scenic to the Ridge trail all the way to Mount Megunticook then to the Ocean Lookout. The beauty of the hike was breath taking as well as all the rain flowing down the trail paths. The paths were like small streams. The hike is classified as class 1 -2 (easy on a good trail 2-can be off trail) but is noted "tricky when wet". We passed a solo hiker about who looked about 50+ but was probably older as he looked really healthy and fit. He asked where we were heading and when we said Ocean Lookout, he said good luck and be very careful. He said it was wet like the trail we were on. He had hiking canes.

We needed hiking canes. All I could do was gasp in amazement with all the water in the trails. An hour in, we found natural walking sticks to assist us. With most of the stopping we did to contemplate what path to take and our scones break at the Ocean Lookout, the hike ended up taking 4+ hours. It was beautiful and fantastic but not quite what we should have been doing the day before the triathlon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rockland, Maine

After our ride Friday, we showered and headed out for dinner in Rockland, Maine. Being First Friday in Rockland, we missed the boat on free entry to the Farnsworth Art Museum. No signs and I found out about it online the next day. Doaph!!! I blame it on being tired and hungry. We ate at Cafe Miranda and had fabulous meals; appetizer of roasted veggie medley (assorted veg, wood oven roasted, balsamic, vinegar, soft cheese); dinners were Lamb Wowie (roasted & braised w/aromatic veg in their own curry spice mix, w/roasted greens, spicy tomato, yogurt, cilantro, lemon, carrot, salted onion, cilantro, cucumbers, rice and more!) and Antonio Miguel Casasanto (sauteed shredded duck w/roasted shallots, roasted garlic, sauce veloute, marsala, fresh basil, cream w/fresh house made pasta) served with homemade bread. We were stuffed and took home leftovers. Then we walked to Rock City Coffee House for some decaf. The four berry pie and some scones were calling us so we shared the pie (and took the scones home). Yum!!! There is always room for PIE. The hurricane came in as we drove home to Moody's. The rain lulled us to sleep as we hoped for a clear day on Saturday to hike in Camden at the Camden State Park. The heat broke a little bit to sleep but it was still a bit muggy.

Rockland Harbor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pemaquid Point Ride Pictures

Pemaquid Point and Hurricane Earl.A bakery/cafe we stopped at on the way home from the point for a bite to eat. Her cafe is in her home. We had donut holes and fish chowder. The day before I said to Karen that I don't care so much for fish chowder. You know, when I am hungry, I will eat almost anything. I think I am hung up on the idea of fish in soup yet I can eat crab chowder. ??
Cemetery in Bremen.

Revolutionary Hero, Commodore Samuel Tucker.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pemaquid Point

Okay, I cracked on blogging. Sorry. I blame it on school, work and trying to live on the weekends. So before I leave for Chicago on Saturday for a day and a half of eating and soaking in Chi-town, I need to catch up on my trip to Maine. Doaph! I don't think I finished writing about Northern Ireland. I will get on that over Thanksgiving.

Friday, we walked downtown into Waldoboro to have breakfast at the one and only coffee shop in town-Village Bakery and Cafe. We had fabulous coffee and I chowed on quiche and coffee cake for breakfast. I had to fuel up for the 50 mile ride round trip to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

As I age, I complain more. We rolled out of our cabin and the road seemed to go downhill all the way to the point. I think at one point I was screaming; "We better not be climbing on the way back because I know I am not into it!!!!" At about the 8 mile point, I spotted rocks I wanted to take home but they would not fit into my pockets. I knew we would be in trouble as I would be finding things to stop and put in my pockets or take pictures of. I held off stopping until the way back. And then I cracked at the cemetery. Just one too many stops because I was camera happy. It was a fantastic out and back ride ever. Those rollers were seemed harder than than the appeared. With hurricane Earl traveling up the coast, the were overcast and the waves were crashing the shoreline.