Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Madeleine 2010

Reminiscing to 2004. Whipped out the pictures on cds to share. In 2004, the TdF raced up the other side. Awww. I miss all of it. With a full glass of wine, I am wearing my polkadot cap and babbling to Brad about dragging him to the TdF for a future vacation for all that is the Tour de France in the mountains. I must say the Pyrenees are my favorite mountain range, though.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Transportation in Belfast

We had a rental car for Thursday as Cory needed the car to get to the airport on Saturday. I was not aware that our lectures and tours were not in walking distance and not along the public transportation routes so we rented bikes. We had fantastic weather and we amazed ourselves riding all day for over 40 miles on these bikes. I had to adjust riding on the proper (right) side of the road when I returned to the states with all the traveling in Ireland.

Stormont statues and benches.